Managing Partners

CA Sheashav Sharma
Founder & Managing Partner 
BBA, Diploma Forensic Audit ICAI, F.C.A.
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CA Sheashav Sharma is in the practice for the past 6 setting up own practice and building it up. Thus, he has deep knowledge of departmental working at lower level up to the appellate level.

He has varied experience in all areas of Audit, Investigation, Due Diligence, Taxation.

(Direct   and   Indirect),   Company   Law   Matters   for   Companies, Management Consultancy and Information System Audit.

Work  with  clientele  includes  companies  (large  and  medium  sized),  firms,  banks, trusts, societies, charitable and educational institutions besides few renowned individuals.

CA Varuns Sharma
Managing Partner ACA
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CA Varun Sharma has a mixed experience of more than 12 years in the Corporate as Manager Finance and Chief Financial Controller followed by 4 years of core chartered Accountancy practice. His fields of expertise are Accounts, Finance, Project Financing, Auditing and Taxation. He has expertise in performing - financial analysis and in implementing the online accounting system & accounting packages. He is experienced in implementation of internal controls, process design, system developments, drafting of contracts/agreements and MOUs. He has also been actively involved in preparation of Financial Statements, Annual Reports,   Consolidated   Financial   Statements,   Cash   Flow   Statements,   Capital Adequacy Ratio, Disclosures & Notes to Accounts, and Memorandum to Audit Committee/Board and related Annexure.

Work with clientele includes companies (listed and unlisted), firms, banks, trusts, and societies. He is actively dealing with Departmental representation, Appeal to CIT and ITAT in direct tax matters.

CA Isha Arora 
Managing Partner
B.Com, ACA
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CA Isha Arora has wide experience of handling Audits of various organizations and NGOs. She has been involved in Company law matters. She is well versed in Tax Audit, GST Audit, and Income Tax Return Filing, preparation of Financial Statements, Direct Tax and Indirect Tax matters. Beside this she has been also involved in education field where she guides students for CA CPT and CA IPCC.
CA Yogesh Kumar Shukla 
Managing Partner
B.Com, Certification in Non Profit Organizations ICAI, ACA
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CA Yogesh Kumar has  ability to understand the business environment coupled with his sound Taxation, Financial and Accounting background has enabled him to specialize in conducting statutory audits, Tax Audits, Internal Audit, including audit of and PSU's, Limited Companies, Partnership firms, Societies, Trusts, Voluntary Organizations, and Colleges etc. Direct & Indirect taxation (GST), being his forte, he is actively engaged in handling Assessment cases & appeals for Private Limited Company, Partnership firms, NGOs and Individual Assessee before Income Tax Department, GST Department and Investigation & Criminal Wing etc. He has deep understanding of GST Law, Income Tax Law & Company Laws vis-a-vis its implication on economy and industry.

He has rich experience of serving various NPO's (NGO, VO, FCRA Registered Entity among Others). He has also been actively engaged in providing services as Financial advisor & Tax consultant to corporate clients, NGO's, Firms & Individuals etc

CA Latika Sharma
Managing Partner
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CA Latika Sharma has experience of Statutory & Internal Audit of Manufacturing and trading Companies/firms, banks and colleges. She has involved in Tax audits of corporate & non-corporate assesses, Preparation and filling of Income Tax returns, Preparation of Financial Statements of various organizations, formalities including filing of TDS returns and Drafting and filing of Appeals  under Income Tax Act. Under GST matters she has experience of Registration, Preparation & filling of various returns/documents.