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It is all about survival!

If your company is still operating, be very happy.


1. Victoria's Secret declared bankruptcy.

2. Zara closed 1,200 stores.

3. La Chapelle withdrew 4391 stores.

4. Chanel is discontinued.

5. Hermes is discontinued.

6. Patek Philippe discontinued production.

7. Rolex discontinued production.

8. The world's luxury industry has crumbled.

9. Nike has a total of $23 billion US dollars preparing for the second stage of layoffs.

10. Gold's gym filed for bankruptcy

11. The founder of AirBnb said that because of pandemic, 12 years of efforts were destroyed in 6 weeks.

12. Starbucks announced to permanently close their 400 stores.

13. We Work isn't in a great shape.

The list goes on and on!

Under the weight of this pandemic, many giants are facing the crisis of failure. Five months of pandemic created a LOT of debt, and tens of thousands of companies went bankrupt, so the companies were eventually replaced.

The Entertainment, Tourism and Hospitality industries are the worst hit globally with millions having lost their jobs already !!!

2020 is about survival but those who can exploit it, will manage to achieve unparalleled heights in the near future! If it's not going well then just somehow SURVIVE - both from the pandemic as well as from the economic crisis !

Be happy, be together and let this phase pass !!

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